Void, Turning point, Element

HMK{Hotel Maria Kapel} / Hoorn
Artist Residency with Marie Ilse Bourlanges (FR) & Elena Khurtova (RU)
May-July 2011

ENCAPSULATED STORIES is a project by three artists, coming from different backgrounds and fascinations. In HMK, they join their interests in a project dealing with the physical and fictional history of architecture, and of HMK's architecture in particular. Before HMK's guesthouse was an orphanage, it also functioned as a monastery. The adjacent Maria Chapel also functioned as a Catholic Church, ammunition storage and a Protestant church.
In executing their physical research on HMK, Bourlanges, Khurtova and Rebetez are dedicated as a 'forensic team on a crime scene', searching for tactile traces of stories of HMK's previous users and residents.

To read the text of Mark Leegsma on the exhibition Encapsulated Stories:
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